Recent permits

Permits are required in the Village of Aurora in connection with zoning and construction and for fireworks.  These activities can have both positive and negative effects on neighbors, so the posting of permit applications is meant as a public service informing residents of an activity of which they might want to be aware.


#17-27 from Cynthia Koepp & John Place for a dock at 327 Main St

#17-23 from Grace Bates for an area variance for a new barn at 78 Court St (ZBA public hearing on July 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm)

#16- 38 for a house demolition at 12 Cherry Ave (Planning Board review on June 28, 2017 at 7:00 pm)

Approved Permits

#17-26 from David Brooks for a bathroom renovation at 54 Cherry Ave

#17-24 from Mnetha Warren for a temporary sign at 286 Main St

#17-22 from Randall Zabriskie for a retaining wall at 349 Main St

#17-21 from Nancy Gil for a deck repair at 17 Woods End

#17-20 from Jonathan Richardson for a new shed at 59 Sherwood Rd

#17-19 from Brian Fitzgerald for replacement of a deck at 536 Main St

#17-18 from Kit & Kevin Van Orman for a new shed at 9 Orchard Lane

#17-17 from the Inns of Aurora for new railings and sidewalk at 396 Main St, Taylor House

#17-16 from Wells College for a patio at 165 Main St

#17-12 from Matt Bianconi for a boat cruise operation at 391 Main St

#17-11 from the Inns of Aurora for a fence removal at 453 Main St

#17-09 for interior renovations at 363 Main St

#17-08 for a roof permit at 47 Cherry Ave

#17-07 for a greenhouse addition at 36 Court St

#17-06 for new porch additions at 366 Main St

#17-05 from Rufus Bates for a partial demolition at 366 Main St (Joint Planning Board/ Community Preservation Panel public hearing on April 26, 2017 at 7:00 pm)

#17-04 for a new fence at 366 Main St (temporary)

#16-52 for a cell tower at 170 Main St

#16-53 for landscaping at 170 Main St (Wells College Boathouse)

#16-50 to replace a roof and skylights at 366 Main St

#16-49 for renovation of a deck and a fence at 270 Main St

#16-40 for removal of two houses at 457 & 459 Main St

#16-33 for new siding at 308 Main St

#16-25 for a deck roof at 10 Dublin Hill road

#16-16 amendment for an outside appliance installation at 325 Main St

#16-09 for a new fence at 323 Main St

#16-04 for renovations at 405 Main St

#16-02 for a new dorm and extension of the Woods Lot parking area at 170 Main St

#15-42 from the Inns of Aurora/Village of Aurora for renovation upgrades to Lafayette St

#15-41 for renovations at 366 Main St

#15-30 for a dock at 267 Main St

#15-26 for a renovation at 403 Main St

#15-24 for a new garage at 461 Main St

#14-44 for a home addition at 349 Main St