Recent permits

Permits are required in the Village of Aurora in connection with zoning and construction and for fireworks.  These activities can have both positive and negative effects on neighbors, so the posting of permit applications is meant as a public service informing residents of an activity of which they might want to be aware.


#14-32 to replace a deck at 49 Sherwood Road (Planning Board review on October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm)

#14-31 to replace a shed at 50 Court St (Planning Board sketch plan conference on October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm)

#14-30 for a porch addition at 16 Cherry Ave (Planning Board review on October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm)


 Approved Permits

#14-28 to extend a driveway at 50 Court St.

#14-26 for a new garage at 262 Main St.

#14-25 for a fence extension at 453 Main St

#14-24 for a fence at 441 Main St

#14-23 to convert Wallcourt to a hotel at 38 Lafayette St.

#14-22 for a kitchen expansion and remodel of the Moose Room at the Fargo

#14-21 for a deck addition at 331 Main Street.  (Renewal)

#14-20 for a fence at 292 Main St.

#14-19 for replacement equipment for the Memorial Playground on Court St.

#14-17 for a plan revision to a home remodel at 78 Court St.

#14-16 for new playground equipment at the Aurora Preschool, 337 Main St

#14-15 for a porch repair and alteration at 6 Dublin Hill Rd. 

#14-07 from the Village of Aurora for new signs at the north and south ends of the village

#14-06 for a new garage at 425 Main St

#13-36 for a landing and stairs to a dock at 267 Main Street.

#13-32 for a dock at 267 Main St. 

#13-27 for a garage addition at 50 Court Street

#13-13 for a new basement door at 39 Cherry Ave.

#12-13 for a dock renovation at 461 Main Street.

#12-01 for a new house construction at 11 Burnham Lane. (Renewal)