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We have inherited a beautiful and functional village from residents who cared not only about their own property but also about the importance of public spaces and natural beauty.  Aurora has never been a village stuck in time, and its vitality and ability to change over the more than two centuries of its existence are reflected in its historically-varied architecture.  The mechanism to help us plan and build with an eye to the future is Aurora’s Zoning Law, a law intended to ensure that public good and private good are not in conflict.  The majority of the Village of Aurora is part of the National Historic Register.  Any construction projects, no matter how small, must go through the Village Code Enforcement Officer to ensure proper permits, appropriate Board review, etc.  You can download pdf versions of various permit and application forms.  For the complete zoning law of the Village of Aurora, go to Local Laws,  Local Law #1 of 2023, To Regulate Land Use and Provide for Historic Preservation.

Zoning Permit and Application Forms

For information on how to appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals go here

Information on CPP/PB/ZBA application review can be found on the "Application Review and Recent Permits" page.

Freedom of Information Law - FOIL Form

Click on the link below for a copy of the FOIL Request Form.  All Village documents are subject to FOIL and the fee is 25 cents per page. FOIL Request Form

Solar Permit Application

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